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Chunmee Green Tea

Chunmee green tea popular for its flavor and health benefits 

Tea lovers are always looking for different types of teas to experiment with and one of the more popular Chinese green teas worldwide is the chunmee green tea. This tea is also called "precious eyebrows tea" in the Chinese language because the thin rolled tea leaves are in the shape of the eyebrows of a beautiful young woman. It is a non-fermented green tea and so retains the health benefits and the nutrients of the green tea.

What is chunmee green tea? 

China is well known for a number of teas like oolong tea, loose leaf tea, rose tea and has a long history of tea cultivation for centuries. It has also developed new varieties of teas like the chunmee green tea after experimenting with the processing of the tea. Most of this tea is grown in the tea estates of China. It produced after brewing is yellowish green in color, is known for its sweetness and flavor. It is known for its astringent taste which cleans the mouth.

Production Process of chunmee green tea 

This tea is mostly made in China and has a very distinctive production process compared to other teas. After plucking the tender tea leaves from the tea estates in China, the leaves are hand rolled and pan-fired, giving the tea leaves a unique shape and flavor. In some places, tea making machinery may be used to process the tea leaves and make the tea. The dried tea leaves are then packed according to the demand of the customer. The quality of tea is checked at every stage of production with the most sophisticated equipment possible. 

Brewing tips for chunmee green tea 

Before brewing the chunmee green tea it is advisable to first assemble all the equipment for making the tea like the brewing pot, cup, teaspoon, tea scoop, tea tongs. There are various options for selecting a teapot for making this tea depending on availability. A ceramic or glass pot can be used in most cases as it is easily available. However, a glass pot is preferred as the person brewing the tea can watch how the tea leaves are getting slowly unfurled while brewing and releasing their flavor in the tea. For the traditional Chinese method of brewing of the tea, a sand fired teapot has to be used.

After adding one or two teaspoons of tea to the teapot, to brew the tea, water at a temperature of 90-degree centigrade should be added to the tea leaves. This tea leaves should be kept in the brewing teapot for one or two minutes so that flavors and nutrients of the tea are seeping into the water. It is very important to note that boiling water should not be added to the tea as it will destroy the flavor and nutrients of itself, the tea will be bitter and difficult to drink. If required flavors and essential oil can be added to the brewed tea for those who like it.

Health benefits of chunmee green tea

As chunmee green tea is a green tea it has all the benefits of a green tea, containing polyphenols which have anti-aging properties, prevent many ailments like heart diseases, stroke. It is high in antioxidants, which keeps the person looking young and improves the skin. The high caffeine content keeps the chunmee green tea drinker alert. The green tea also has a high vitamin content of the tea leaf, as it is not fermented and has not lost its nutrients.

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