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How to Process Green Tea


How to Process Green Tea

Chinese people started to drink green tea since the Zhou Dynasty, which has a history over 3,000 years. Do you know how green tea is produced, Let’s try to find out.

Green tea is the least processed among the six types of Chinese tea. It undergoes the least amount of oxidation. The shorter processing gives green tea a lighter flavor than black tea. Also result in the high catechins content, which is why it is so good for you.


It mainly has the following three steps:  Steamed or Pan Fried – Rolling (Rounian) – Drying

After the tea leaves are picked, it should be thinly spread for 2-3 hours (depend on different teas) in order to reduce the water content.


Select: remove yellow leaves and other debris



Steamed or Pan Fried

This step is the crucial technique for quality.  Shaqing has four important goals:

1.to get the proper color, smell and taste of Green Tea by completely destroying the activity of enzymes in fresh leaves and stop the enzymatic oxidation of polyphenols;

2.to give off grassy smell in order to release the aroma;

3.to evaporate part of the water in the fresh leaves to soft the leaves and enhance toughness to make the next step rolling easier;

4.to promote the transformation of inclusions, and promote the formation of green tea.

Steamed tea
Steamed tea

This kind of electric pan can most contain 400g leaves.

Rolling (Rounian)

The purpose of Rounian is to make the shape tight in order to make the next step drying easier. As well as destructing of leaf tissue to make better quality for easy brewing out the tea liquor.



The drying of the produced tea is responsible for many new flavor compounds particularly.  At the same time improve its appearance.

Pan Fried
Pan Fried

After the above processing steps.  A cup of green liquor, fragrant and sweet light taste tea can be brewed. 

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